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Yard Signs (Print)

Yard Signs (Print)

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Printing Time: 7 Business Days

Corrugated Plastic

  • 3/16" thick corrugated plastic board
  • Waterproof and long lasting
  • Stakes insert directly into the flutes for easy setup
  • Most commonly used for yard signs or lawn signs and other outdoor signage

Advertise in Strategic Locations With Professionally Printed Yard Signs 

Display yard signs promoting property sales, a political candidate, or other businesses in key locations. Your distinct design is printed on waterproof and weather-resistant corrugated plastic. Your advertisements look good as new even as it’s exposed to different elements. Passersby get a fresh look at your brand and what it offers 

The Advantages of UPrinting Custom Yard Signs 

Standard small, medium, and large sizes  

Print in 5 standard sizes ranging from small to large. Our smaller dimensions are at 12” x 18” and 12” x 24” while the larger sizes are at 18” x 24” and 36” x 24”. Choose a size that suits your design’s elements and stands out wherever displayed.  

Add stakes or grommets to easily display your lawn signs or hang on a wall. 

Include H-shaped stakes that easily sink and keep your yard signs standing on the ground. If you want to hang it up against a wall or any ready surface, grommets can be added at the top or at each corner.   

Sturdy, weather-resistant, and waterproof material 

All yard signs are made of durable corrugated plastic that can withstand rainy and windy conditions. Your advertisement is also protected from exposure to water, preventing it from fading and going unnoticed.   

Free PDF proof for review 

After uploading your design or creating it online, you can review a free PDF proof before proceeding with the yard sign printing. Check the PDF proof on our system to see its appearance and indicate any changes before printing.  

How to Set Up a Yard Sign 

Stakes allow for a fast and easy sign display on your lawn. The stakes insert directly into the sign. No extra tools required.   

After inserting the stakes, just sink the other end into the ground.

How to Create a Distinctive and Effective Yard Sign

1. Stick to a short message.

Passersby only have a few seconds to view your advertisement. Your maximum limit is at two lines and five words. The shorter, the better. 

2. Limit your fonts and colors.

Sticking to one or two fonts and a maximum of three colors ensures the sign is easy to read at a glance. Anything more and you will end up with a busy design that might turn off a potential customer. 

3. Distinguish the most important part of your message.

Make sure your candidate’s name, the real estate company’s name, and other crucial details are large enough to read and note from a distance. Real estate developers need to emphasize their name and number to continue business.  

4. Include a call to action.

Encourage viewers to buy, rent, or vote, depending on your promotion. A call to action ensures the next step is communicated to your target market: buy, rent, vote, or visit. It also keeps your customer’s focus in case they are looking for specific ads, such as property to rent or buy.  


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