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My Favorite Player

My Favorite Player

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Screen Print/DTF/DTG or Vinyl Designs 
What are these types of print methods above? 

- Direct to Film or DTF is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press mechanism. Unlike the DTG method, which only works on cotton fabrics, the Printer DTF method can work on cotton and poly blends.

The DTG printing method is precise and produces high-quality results, but the ink is not as deeply soaked into the fabric as with other methods like screen printing.

Digital processes made on vinyl, especially used for advertising and promotional needs as a durable and cost-effective printing material, are called vinyl printing or in other words canvas printing. Vinyl printing is mostly used as an outdoor print product.

*When designing these graphics we create all from scratch from ideas provided from the owner or on our own.*

With order you will receive a PNG & JPG

These are not logos!

Time Frame: 5-7 Business Days 


These should take 1-2 business days

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