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We can provide mockups for all types of advertisement items. Submit order and  provide info and provide as much info as possible. The price is for one mockup and one mockup only. Provide design files in the exact color you want them. If we have to edit color there will be an additional charge. 

What is a mock-up?

A t-shirt mock-up is a blank slate for designing a t-shirt with your own graphics, pictures, images, words, or branding. When you mock up a t-shirt, you create a design and put it on a virtual t-shirt so you and your customers can get an idea of what it will look like in real life. T-shirt mock-ups might be flat-lay or on a ghost mannequin or real model.

When you design your own shirt mock-ups, you might download a t-shirt outline and build your design within those confines. However, that requires knowing how to use a photo editor, as well as basic knowledge of apparel design. Luckily, those who don’t have such skills can use t-shirt design templates and mock-ups, available online. They make the design process much easier.

What is the purpose of mockups?

Ultimately, a mockup serves as a visual draft of what a web page or application. It is created to bring life to an idea or wireframe and allows a designer to test how various visual elements work together. 

Mockups gives stakeholders in the page the ability to see what that page will look like while making suggestions for changes in layout, color, images, styles, and more. If you wonder what a page would look like using a secondary color, you can test how that will appear by making a second version of the mockup. Similarly, if you want to make a change like adding a header while centering an image, your mockup can let the team see how that potential change might look.

A page should be created for a specific purpose with a particular goal in mind. Mockups provide the team the chance to see how that purpose can be achieved through the layout created by a UI designer with a wireframe, and how that layout can be brought to life using their brand standards and visual creativity. 

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